UDAR: New parliament should adopt new budget for 2013

The adopted national budget for 2013 contains the problem issue of
imbalance between revenues and expenses, the figures are not realistic,
therefore the parliament of the seventh convocation should adopt a new
national budget for 2013, MP (the UDAR Party) Viktor Pynzenyk has said.

“There is the mechanism, using which the country can stay without a
budget. There is the law that clearly regulates revenues and
expenditures and allows to finance the social sphere, therefore it is
needed to adopt a professional budget,” the party’s press service said
citing Pynzenyk.

The politician noted that the budget adopted includes Hr 35 billion
as payment of interest on debts, while in the crisis year of 2008 the
budget included ten-fold fewer funds for this purpose.

“The country should give a signal, without which the economy cannot
live. We have to stop living on credit and the country should receive a
deficit-free budget. We are not beggars to go around the world and ask
for money. We have to learn to live within our means,” said Pynzenyk.

“The government invents indexed bonds, eurobonds, and is now trying
to impose a tax on foreign currency sale. This evidences extremely
serious problems. The situation has reached the point that the State
Treasury has no money to pay wages to teachers, doctors. Having approved
the budget, the former parliament played a dirty trick on the Ukrainian
people,” the politician said.


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