UDAR, Communist Party satisfied with preliminary results of elections


Former Finance Minister of Ukraine and a parliamentary candidate from Vitali Klitschko’s UDAR Party, Viktor Pynzenyk, has said that he is satisfied with the preliminary results of the parliamentary elections in Ukraine.

“This is a good result, although our political force always was under pressure,” he said in an interview with Channel 5, while commenting on the results of exit polls.

According to him, it is extremely important to preserve the results of expression of the people’s will.

“The society’s request for changes is absolutely obvious, and, secondly, the authorities’ failure [is obvious],” he added.

In turn, a member of the Communist Party of Ukraine, Oleksandr Holub, said: “Ukraine should be satisfied with the results, that’s what important.”

“I don’t see any sensations, everything is understandable,” he added.


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