Pynzenyk: 2013 budget revenue shortfalls at $4 billion

Incomes grew by merely 1 percent instead of the predicted 12.2%. Tax revenues fell by 1.9% and customs revenues by 3.5%. By contrast, National Bank’s revenues were 20% up on 2012, Pynzenyk says.

 Several days before the year-end, the cabinet and Rada majority railroaded changes in the 2013 budget, cutting its revenue by UAH19.4 billion, the expert stressed. 

Despite serious budgetary challenges and large debts the cabinet shows no intention to deal with them in the proposed budget for 2014.

 “Projecting a 20% growth of incomes, the cabinet is dragging Ukraine in multi-billion debts and endangering the funding of budget-supported sectors,” Viktor Pynzenyk says. 


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