MP Pynzenyk says mind-boggling amount paid to service public debt in 2015

Last year, Ukraine paid from the budget UAH 84.5 billion for servicing interest on public debt. And the total figure for repaying debts reached almost UAH 420 billion in 2015.

MP, former finance minister of Ukraine, Viktor Pynzenyk wrote on Facebook.

“Debts “ate” UAH 84.5 billion of our money,” he wrote.

According to Pynzenyk, the figure is almost twice as much as it was paid in 2014.

“In 2014 debt servicing cost us though a lot, but much smaller amount – UAH 48 billion,” said former finance minister.

He has singled it out as a key Ukrainian problem that has not received an adequate response from the government.

“It seems this key Ukrainian problem, the problem of debts did not become the challenge that would lead to an adequate, necessary action in such situation,” the lawmaker said. 


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