Certain Ukrainian parliamentarians seek to improve dialogue with Russia – ITAR

KIEV, February 28. /ITAR-TASS/. Ukrainian parliamentarians should immediately hold consultations with Russian counterparts on the settlement of the situation in Crimea, parliamentarian Viktor Pynzenyk of UDAR (Ukrainian Democratic Alliance for Reform) said.

The Verkhovna Rada can and should play a positive role in settling the situation in Crimea, Pynzenyk said, adding “There are people who are able to take decisions on the settlement of the situation.”

“We don’t allow statements in the parliament that heat up the situation,” he added.

Consultations should be held within the inter-parliamentary group. “We propose to send our deputies to talk with Russian counterparts. Besides, a group should be formed for talks with Crimea’s authorities. A dialogue is indispensable,” Pynzenyk said.

MP Volodymyr Lytvyn shared his position. The Ukrainian parliament should form a representative commission to make a trip to Crimea, Lytvyn said, adding that the delegation could meet deputies of the Crimean Supreme Council and Russian parliamentarians.

“We should approve a law on the status of Sevastopol,” he said.


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